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(24st March 2023) 19:45 <> (1st April 2023) 22:15

The Gut Girls by Sarah Daniels.

Set in late Victorian England, this captivating play explores the lives of five women working in an uncouth “gutting” shed. But when their livelihoods are put under the knife, can a lady from the gentry turn things around?
A keenly observed, darkly comic drama, revealing the harsh realities of working-class women in the depths of Deptford. This atmospheric production of Sarah Daniel’s critically acclaimed, gritty play will be staged by The Questors Student Group, in arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. “The gut girls are a boisterous, beer-swilling, strong-minded bunch, handy with a knife both in the gutting shed and outside it, defiantly independent in attitude and scornful of the illusion of male supremacy.” – Time Out Part of The Questors Winter/Spring 2023 Season.

Balugães, PORTUGAL

(25st March 2023) 21:30 <> 23:00

PÃO NOSSO [Our Bread] at the World Theatre Day

On the 25th of March, the auditorium of the Parish Council of Balugães (Portugal) receives the show PÃO NOSSO by Teatro de Balugas in a double dose at 4pm and 9:30pm with free admission.
In the commemoration of World Theatre Day, and with the support of Barcelos Municipality and the INATEL Foundation, the play, inspired by the Neiva valley, takes the stage in this territory, in the year it celebrates 5 years since its premiere.

Camacha, Madeira, PORTUGAL

(27st March 2023) 21:00 <> 22:00

A Ajidanha apresenta o espectáculo “À deriva”, o festival AMO TEatro

Sinopse: O projecto de teatro “À Deriva” consiste numa adaptação livre do texto teatral “Em Alto Mar” de Slawomir Mrozek, a partir do qual se pretende criar uma dramaturgia própria, uma linguagem cómica e visual, capaz de dialogar com a profunda crise de valores (sociais e institucionais) em que o país, e o mundo, estão mergulhados. “À Deriva” conta-nos a história de dois homens e uma mulher perdidos em alto mar, após o que se julga ter sido uma catástrofe natural. O enredo da peça gira em torno da maneira como estes três náufragos, circunscritos ao espaço de uma balsa (jangada) e ao mesmo tempo rodeados pela imensidão do mar, enfrentam o problema da fome. As três personagens principais, Gordo, Médio e Magro, uma vez que os mantimentos acabaram, fazem tentativas de campanhas eleitorais, alianças, investidas políticas, apelo ao auto-sacrifício, numa série de pequenos e significativos eventos para justificar uma escolha fundamental: quem deverá ser comido em prol da sobrevivência. Um espectáculo caracterizado pelo nonsense, pela comédia visual e física, e pela sátira implícita do sistema social e político que muitas vezes se revela absurdo e profundamente injusto.


(23st March 2023) 20:00 <> (25st March 2023) 00:59

Project DC

Don Juan, Don Giovanni, an understanding , a cliché, a character, an opera, a play.

Bart, Frederik, Jan, Jeroen, other Jeroen, Laurens and Willem sink their teeth into Molière’s piece and bring you their inSANE interpretation.

Who would Don Juan be today? What does it mean to be Don Juan? And maybe they find the Don Juan in themselves?
Discover it with us from 17 March in the WAANzin.

Alba Iulia, ROMANIA

(27st March 2023) 19:00 <> 20:00

Marriage Proposal

A classic performance from Skepsis theatre group repertoire, dedicated to the celebration of Interantional Theatre Day! – based on a one act play of the well- known Russian author. Using a simple storyline with a comic construction of the situation, the author succeeds in pointing out universal human character aspects and the irony of human relations that change depending on the context. Ivan Vasilievici, a countryside small nobleman, wishes to settle down and take a wife. He has his eyes put on his neighbors’ daughter, Natalia – a good match if you think how big their wealth and lands will be after they become husband and wife. And her father agrees, because this marriage is his longtime wish also. All looks well, but still there is a proposal to be done!.

Villanueva del Pardillo, SPAIN

(27st March 2023) 19:00 <> 20:00

Día Mundial del Teatro

La Federación de teatro aficionado de Madrid, (FETAM) organiza cada año una jornada de encuentro, formación y representaciones de teatro por y para asociados y público en general que conmemora y celebra el DÍA MUNDIAL DEL TEATRO

Qamishli, SYRYA

(26st March 2023) 16:00 <> 19:00

Celebration of World Theater Day 2023

A celebration of the International Theater Day 2023, by the Institute of Theatrical Rehabilitation (Koma Şano). The International Theater Day message is read in Kurdish, the Institute’s speech, and theatrical guests’ words, honoring a theatrical figure, and obtaining the annual troupe shield… and a concert.