Journée Mondiale du Théâtre

World Theatre Day

Día Mundial del Teatro

COVID-19 Message de la présidente de l’AITA/IATA, Béatrice Cellario – COVID-19 Message from AITA/IATA President Béatrice Cellario – COVID-19 Mensaje del presidenta de AITA/IATA Béatrice Cellario

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27th March 2020

World Theatre Day is an event that has been celebrated worldwide on 27th March since 1961 by centres of the International Theatre Institute.

In some countries, amateur theatre, youth theatre and children’s theatre have been part of this celebration and the message has been inclusive of all aspects of theatre making. This is your opportunity to join the celebration and celebrate the fundamental message of the International Amateur Theatre Association: Education and Understanding Through Theatre.

In 2020, AITA/IATA encourages all our Members and all those involved in all aspects of amateur theatre throughout the world to join millions of theatre practitioners worldwide in the annual celebration of World Theatre Day.



Decide on a special event to mark the day; a special performance, a marathon reading of your national playwright’s works, a benefit performance for charity, a performance for a new audience, a performance to take place in a school, hospital or home for the elderly… The possibilities are endless…

Then register your event on this site to join the AITA/IATA world of theatre making. Download the ITI World Theatre Day message which is available in 34 languages and take the opportunity to share this message with your audience.

The AITA/IATA President will also share a short message to mark the day.

You may also contact your local AITA/IATA National Centre and ITI Centre to let them know of your participation.

After your event you will have the opportunity to share materials (photos, video clips) to this site.

Your event will be part of a global event and will be visible across the world…


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